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    Pharmaceutical intermediate
    Custom Synthesis
    Company Introduction

    Kangnuo Bioengineering is a multi-specialty pharmaceutical company with a commitment to develop innovative and meaningful chemicals to help people reach a life with well-being. Now it’s a fairly powerful and advanced manufacturer of API and pharmaceutical intermediates in China with a core market aiming at Asia and Europe. It’s been always striving to deliver the best quality and service to global customers since its first day of establishment in 2006. We specialize in what we do. We do what you demand. And we pride ourselves on sustaining excellence and dependability across overseas market. We grow up and develop with a highly technical, professional and, most importantly, responsible team at a rapid pace. Stringent controls and specific customer-oriental systems are employed into each single project module from manufacturing to quality inspection.

    Improving is our everyday task. Technology and experience are what we anticipate our customers’ needs, facilitate our capabilities and deliver better quality. Quality and credit are what we attract and retain customers. The real challenge is focusing on catering to customers with value. Our urgent need for innovative solutions and R&D management make us stand apart from competition.

    Passion is the inner power of Kangnuo to help smooth every bit of obstacle in advancement. Preserving insistence and dedication is driving us to progress more to be ranked as one of most proficient pharmaceutical companies in Asia. We are proud to support all the customers who rely on our products. And we will maintain our standing reputation as an innovative and reliable business partner for you.


    Add: 22#, ZiHe Road, Economic Development Zone, Dongying
    Tel: +86-546-8073216 8073217 8073218 8073219 Fax: +86-546-8073200 E-mail: kn@knpharm.com
    Copyright(C)2014 , Shandong Kangnuo Bioengineering Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChemNet 
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